About Davis Credit Repair Co, LLC

Davis Credit Repair Co LLC. is a family business owned by Samantha and Keshaun Davis. Samantha and Keshaun grew up in a home with little to none financial literacy. Like most people with uneducated financial literacy, Samantha and Keshaun found themselves with maxed out credit cards, student loans, and collection debts.

However, as they became parents, they knew that they had to get their finances in order. They studied the laws and how to increase our credit scores. They incorporated their new knowledge into their life and saw a huge increase in their credit score.

The Davis’s are now on a mission to help increase the knowledge of financial literacy, credit education, and personal finance to any and everyone.


We Help Improve Your Credit Scores By Removing:


A collection account is a debt owed with significant delinquency that has been sold to a third-party debt collector. This could originate from accounts related to medical bills, credit card bills, loans or any other unsecured debts.


When a creditor believes that a debt is unlikely to be collected, they can write off this debt as a loss. This type of debt is known as a charge-off. Like a collections account, this usually occurs after an account has a significant delinquency.

Late Payments

Late payments are payments that are at least 30 days behind their scheduled due date. They are reported to the credit bureaus and added to your credit report as 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 days late. Recent late payments can have a high impact on your credit score.

Student Loans

Student loan delinquencies can have a major impact on your credit score. Also, if student loans are not consolidated into one account, being late 30 days can result in multiple late payments added to your credit report at once.


A repossession typically occurs when there is a serious delinquency related to an auto loan. The lien holder will either voluntarily or involuntarily take back the vehicle and report this negatively to the credit bureaus.

And More!

Foreclosures, Short Sales, Bankruptcies, Tax Liens, Repossession, Judgments, Personal + More!


We set high expectations for ourselves as a credit repair company. You can expect only the best service from our team of credit experts. In the economic industry, we are dedicated to helping our clients get back on financial track. We are here to assist you on the journey. We work with credit bureaus and creditors to fix and rebuild tarnished credit. Let our services and experience speak for themselves. We are highly dedicated to ensuring you attain the highest credit score possible, and will work on your individual case for inaccurate information on credit reports.

We have many years of experience in evaluating credit and guiding consumers to assert their legal rights. We do it every day! We guarantee honesty and dependability, virtues which most people seem to have forgotten.

Credit repair firms cannot do anything that you couldn’t do yourself, but we can help you to achieve results in a fraction of the time without making costly errors. Thank you for your time and God Bless.